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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

No Comment

T4td Corp would like to point out that it is possible to comment on our posts. First, for some reason known only to blogger, the comment link only shows if you link to a specific post title. You can then comment as normal. We hope this helps. It is perhaps the reason why so few have dared, we mean decided to comment on our thoughts.

We welcome your contributions.

In fact, we insist that you make some. If you don't, then let's just say that you might expect a visit.

Don't worry, that sound was just a branch blowing against a window.

It couldn't possibly be us.

Because if it was,

you wouldn't have heard a thing.

We'll leave you with today's thought:

Criticism comes more easily than craftsmanship.

Zeuxis 400 BC

We're not sure who Zeuxis was, but he may have made this remark just after he found someone had scratched a foolish remark on his latest stone tablet.

T4td Corp.
Getting closer.

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