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Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Tempus fugit

A Latin phrase which translates quite literally as:

Time to eat fudge.

Here at T4td Corp, we've been having some thoughts of our own.
Why not? Senior executives even get a staff discount.

What we think, is that it's time for some changes here at T4td.

And we don't mean one of those empty rebranding type of non-changes either.

Which is a shame, because they're quicker and much, much cheaper.
We are happy to offer our services as rebranding consultants, for anyone out there who needs to give a boost to their profits or their sagging personality.

We even have work in progress.

Christmas for atheists - rebranded as 'December 24.1'
Shopping Malls - rebranded as 'Retail Theatre'
Slum housing - rebranded as 'Urban Retro Chic'
Iraq's WMD - rebranded as 'Just Sand'

But for you, loyal reader, we want to make some real changes.

Less ads
Less links - except those to excellent sites
New look
New logo

But above all - a greater variety of content.
We have plans to bring you:

You'll Never get Out of it Alive (TM) - a series of signs that you take life too seriously
Increase your Watercooler Power (TM) - Words to tweak the noses of lesser beings
Spurious Statistics (TM) - Spout these at your leisure to entangle the gullible

And of course, we'll keep Celebrity Friday and Almost Topical Tuesday.

So keep looking back in on us.
Perhaps you'd like to submit material - use the email address.
Or maybe you have some suggestions.

We value your custom.

Oh - and we know where you live.
T4td Corp.
We're in front at getting behind you.

ps. Paint that tatty window frame.

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