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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Increase Your Watercooler Power

Having seen the video we posted earlier, we're wondering if we haven't been aiming a tad high with this series.

Don't get us wrong. We're not anti-American. We're anti-ignorance. Studies in the UK have found that 8 out of 10 British citizens could not identify the British Isles on a map of the World.

Perhaps we should start by correcting a few common errors.

1 - The London Underground is not a terrorist organisation.

2 - Karl Marx was not one of Groucho's brothers.

3 - It is not alright to make new words by adding 'ability' or 'ise' onto perfectly good words.

4 - The Bermuda Triangle is not the area concealed by Bermuda Shorts.

5 - 'At the present time' means 'now'.

6 - A Freudian Slip, isn't an undergarment worn by the mother you loved so very much.

7 - That guy in West Wing isn't the real U.S. President. He's an actor - like Reagan.

8 - The term 'marital relations' does not refer to your parents in-law.

9 - Evolution is not a theory. It's happening right now - it's just missed a few of you.

10 - Chaos theory does not explain why your life is a mess.

We hope that helped.

If we've left you confused, we're sorry.
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If you're not confused, it just means you haven't noticed what's going on in the World.

If this is still too much, we'll try and find you a video of a fat guinea pig skateboarding.

Until that happy day,
Here to help you help yourself.

1 comment:

Edward Wolf said...

Really disappointed to hear about the Bermuda Triangle. Are you sure about this?

P.S. Reagan wasn't a very good actor either.