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Monday, 30 April 2007

Post 101

100 Thoughts 4 the Day have now been posted.

Which makes this an ideal opportunity to increase the membership fee for T4td.

From now on, thinking any of our thoughts will incur an increased charge ranging, depending on global economic variations, exchange rates and your income, from somewhere in the region of 'Ouch! That's expensive' to 'Oh no my wife/husband/partner/bank manager is going to kill me.'

We hope that you find it reassuring to discover that everyone else is in the same boat, even though said boat is sinking at an alarming rate, you've only got a sieve to bail it out, and there are several objects in the water that look suspiciously like the dorsal fins of great white sharks.

Monday's Yngooia follows shortly.

Thank you.

We're all in it together - well you are anyway.

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