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Wednesday, 23 May 2007


The service from T4td has been temporarily suspended whilst we face an aggressive takeover bid from a party of elderly English professors who are hell bent on spending their retirement in reeking havoc on all the people who didn't buy their academically respected but largely ignored work on the obscure poets of the lower mezzanine era, i.e. the entire human civilisation, which they hope to bring to its knees through the medium of the internet.

We thank you for your custom and your patience at this difficult time.

Posting will resume once we have amassed a suitably large number of comments, because it's our ball and anyway, we've got to go in for our tea.

We're not behind you just now.

Please spare a moment to comment on this post. Lives depend on it.

1 comment:

Linda Simmon said...

I use your quotes regularly in my newsletter to my clients and thank you for having made my life just a little bit brighter and easier these past several years.

I hope you are back soon.

those professors should be ashamed of themselves and their selfishness!