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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

An 'Apology'

We at T4TD Corp. would like to apologise for yesterday's content. Unfortunately, we can't. It's not for any legal or technical reason that we can't aplogise, it's just that to do so has been made impossible by years of painful and expensive neurosurgery. For the same reason, we will never be able to fully enjoy the sensation of really good quality new socks. All our employees undergo this treatment and they never regret it. If they do, then it hasn't worked and so in the words of our resident surgeon, we 'have another stab at it'. The writer of yesterday's content is finding out what this involves first-hand, and then that lucky person will enjoy some in-service training and team-building exercises on a lonely moor. Indeed, we have been starving the attack dogs for some time. Once the training is complete, the successful trainees, or 'survivors' as we like to call them, will be back to work. They'll have to be, otherwise they'll end up paying rather a high rate of interest on the repayments for their training fees.

Today's thought:
Feel the fear, then sit down, have a cup of coffee and a biscuit. Think about it. Write a list of pro's and con's. Forget what you were doing and draw doodles. Try to remember what you were meant to be doing. Realise you're late for something and dash out the house. Welcome to the human race.

T4TD Corp.
We share your pain.

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