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Tuesday, 9 January 2007


It is a truth universally acknowledged that blahdeblahde blah. Great, that's stopped the management from reading over my shoulder (and incidentally sent all male readers into a mild doze). Help. I am being forced to conjure up 'thoughts' for this website. I answered an advert saying, 'wanted - free thinkers', and since I have a degree in philosophy and another in psychology I decided to quit my job at McCheesy's Emporium of Dairy-based Snacks and bingo. I got the job immediately. Apparently, just finding their offices puts me into an elite group - the FBI have been trying to find these guys for years. Look out someone's coming

and insofar as many may seek

OK they've gone. Anyway, the 'free thinker' ad meant that I did the thinking, and they get me for free. Apparently the application form had a few clauses I didn't read - mainly because I was foolish enough not to be carrying a microscope at the time, and I can't read the dialect of mandarin they were written in. Oh woe. I must get back to work. Any time not working is added to my fees, which I pay for the privilege of being here. Please help. Read this page. Keep visiting it. Tell your friends. If I get up to my quota they've promised to open the cellar door - I long to see daylight again. until next time. Farewell.

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