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Friday, 26 January 2007

Celebrity Friday

Welcome to our new feature:
Celebrity Friday!

Could this mean... gasp
... that T4td Corp... whimper
...could get a celebrity to write a post every Friday?

Yes, T4td Corp leads the way, once again.

And could it be... moan in anticipation
...someone World famous ?


Like Sting or Beckham or one of the Clintons?


In fact, at T4td Corp, we take a dim view of famous celebrities, and prefer to promote real of-the-people people - the sort of grass-roots, brass tacks, sons of the soil people that make the Internet what it is today. Apart from anything else, they're cheaper.

So, without further ado, let us introduce to you, this week's Celebrity Friday Thinker....

Leo. Leo is 59 and he has spent his whole life frying fish in the North of England. He doesn't have a job, he just likes to fry fish. They're not even his fish, and this has given him a certain notoriety amongst the aquarium keeping community. And here is his Thought 4 the Day:

I blame the Government. If they were coins there'd be a face on both sides. Do you want some fish - they're guppies?

Well, that was terrific.
We're off to a tax exile for the weekend, but join us on Monday for your Thought 4 the Day.

T4td Corp.

Charging by the millisecond.

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