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Monday, 29 January 2007


Life - interesting in parts but no substitute for the real thing.

Today's thought is shamelessly lifted from the work of the late Douglas Adams.

T4td Corp is all about substitues for the real thing. After all, 'the real thing' often involves achievements and all the hard work that goes into them. Hard work is vastly over-rated and frankly, very last century. But what really apalls us about 'the real thing', is that it is usually free. We just can't have that sort of thing. The entire economy of the planet depends on us wanting things that are NOT free. If we all start hankering over free things, like love and trust and self-worth, the whole system will come toppling down and we'll all end up living in teepees in Wales - laughing, sticking flowers in our hair and occasionally breaking out into close harmony singing. It's all too much. Someone get me a bottle of fizzy mineral water and a plastic cup - and there'll be trouble if it's biodegradeable.

Sorry about that little outburst. T4td Corp. strives to maintain a professional approach at all times. To compensate you, we will not charge you for this post

until tomorrow. By which time, the fee will have attracted a handling charge, a late payment fee, an overdue charge (and no, that's not the same thing) and there will, of course, be interest to pay.

Ah. Our sensors show an increase in your blood pressure. Please try to remain calm.

Until tomorrow,
Best wishes,

T4td Corp.
Watching, always watching.

ps - blood pressure monitoring service provided at extra cost.

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