Thought 4 the day

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Dream on

If you can dream it, you can begin it.

Which explains quite a lot.

Because the things people dream up are often completely irrational. For example: anthrax bombs, genocide, slavery or even, and we're sorry to have to bring this up, reality television (let's face it, if you want to watch a bunch of maladjusted sociopaths bickering, you could just go to any shopping mall on a wet Saturday).

So at T4td Corp. we say, 'Yes' to dreaming, but if you're seriously thinking about acting on those dreams, if you're firing yourself up to really go out there and do something about it, even to make the world a better place, we say, 'Stay in bed'. It's warm, safe and comfortable. Go on. Have a nap. You know you want to.

That's better.

Night night.

T4td Corp.
Putting you to sleep.