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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Health food for thought

If health food supplements are so good for you, then how come the people buying them always look so worried?

But don't let that put you off. We at T4td Corp are all in favour of anything that can be peddled over the Internet in industrial quantities. And if they turn out not to work, then so much the better, because then, everyone will need to keep on trying different ones. We are even considering a new service which will deliver virtual vitamins via broadband. These will be available without a prescription, but not without a credit card. Virtual vitamins don't even need to be swallowed, although the monthly bill may stick in your throat. Virtual vitamins will have all the positive affects of food supplements, but without the need for little brown bottles gathering dust, mould and life-threatening bacteria at the back of your kitchen cupboard.

Placebo affect guaranteed!
All you have to do is read them!
Try one today!
Here is a free* sample of today's Virtual Vitamin(tm):

Isn't that better?
You certainly look better. And yes, we can see you.

T4td Corp.

*This word has no meaning to us, but we pop it in every so often because it seems so popular.