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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Middle of the Road

He who stands in the middle of the road
gets hit by traffic from both directions.

This is a plea against mediocrity. We used to hate mediocrity, but now we just think, 'Well it's not too bad really, it could be worse, we shouldn't complain.'

There is, after all, a plethora of evidence that mediocrity is rewarded. Celebrities, politicians, soap operas, food, fashions - it seems that the more mediocre these things are, the greater the demand.
T4td Corp. is never slow to respond to your needs. We are planning a new service:

Make me Mediocre! (TM)

All you have to do is pay the entry fee and send us your credit card (no, not the number, the actual card - we've already got the number) and our team of Mediocrity Makers (Tm) will visit you to carry out your Mediocre Makeover (TM). We'll ruthlessly strip away any annoyingly worthwhile aspects of your life and replace them with slightly duller alternatives. Before you know it, you'll be presenting a reality TV show or accepting political office - guaranteed*.

We look forward to hearing from you.

T4td Corp.
If you've got it in you, we'll strip it out.

*This is clearly not true, but just said for effect. You might end up drinking meths and eating out of dustbins (trashcans) for all we know, but that wouldn't sound too good.

NB The word 'trashcan' was automatically translated for out American customers at a small-ish extra charge. Have a nice day now.

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