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Monday, 22 January 2007

Pants on fire

There are lies, damned lies and then there's white lies, errors of omission, differing recollections sincerely held, flattery, libel, sedition, scurrilous rumours and really so much variety it's often quite difficult to know which to choose. It must keep politicians awake at night.

At T4td Corp. we have a department for that sort of thing. We used to call it 'Marketing' but that didn't do it justice. After a long and bitterly disputed legal process, we established that they were an independent state (named 'Fabricatia') and now they have their own laws so no-one can touch us. Incidentally, there was a vicious coup there recently - The Ex-Spence Count of Advertisio siezed power with the aid of mercenaries from neighbouring Huma Nres-ourcia. They are really redefining the meaning of hostile takeover, so chief executives everywhere, beware.

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T4td Corp.
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