Thought 4 the day

Friday, 19 January 2007


This is the first in a new line of topical thoughts. We haven't come up with a brand name for this line yet. Someone suggested 'Topical Cocktail'. Yes. That's what we thought. So we sent that bright spark off to our Staff Realignment Department and they adjusted his dose. He doesn't make weak jokes anymore - he just giggles and every now and then, dribbles a little. Bless him.

Today's Topical Thought:

Communities should preserve the character of their streets. Once you've identified the character of your street* stick him into a vat of formaldehyde. That should do the trick.

*Ideally, your character should be oddly dressed and given to swearing into thin air. Unpleasant body odours are not compulsory, but add a certain rustic offensiveness.

If you enjoyed this topical thought, then, just for a moment, pretend you have friends and imagine telling them all about it.

Thank you.

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