Thought 4 the day

Monday, 15 January 2007

So we took the weekend off?

So what?

Remember, T4td Corp does not undertake to provide thoughts on a daily basis, or indeed on any legally binding or comprehensible basis at all. Most companies work on the same basis. For example, air freshener does not freshen your air - indeed, the very use of air freshener implies that you wish to disguise the stench of stale air so that you can happily go around all day with the windows shut.

So stop whinging.

But, if it keeps you happy, T4td Corp will ensure that today's thought will be 10% more insightful than usual.
Here it is:

For insofar that we may control our own destiny, our capacity for happiness is limited only by our desire to control the destinies of others.

There. That was superb. We've been saving that one for a special occasion. Our best writer made that up, just after we'd given him that shot of espresso - in his carotid artery. We don't like to call it sleep-deprivation, we prefer the term 'enhanced-shift productivity', or ESP.

Perhaps, one day, you'll all work that way.

T4td Corp.
Bringing you closer.