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Monday, 26 February 2007

We're Back

And we feel great. Doesn't it feel wonderful to be so interconnected? Here we all are, like some enormous, exponentially expanding set of conjoined cyber-citizens. Click us and we bleed data. Our memories leak across the digital divide and pool into an endless stream of shared consciousness.

Wait a moment. Was it two pink pills at six o'clock or six blue pills at two?

We're having a little difficulty achieving our usual level of editorial detachment today. Doctors are all very well, but self-medicating is so much more fun. Still, we'll press on.

Internet communities - vast networks of computers, carefully arranged so that we can all watch mildly humorous movie clips of odd people. Marvellous.

And for corporations such as T4td Corp, it's a simple arrangement - you do the content, we get the profits.

So leave us a comment if you wish. And why not subscribe to our outpourings - let us feed you.

And in the meantime, here's a thought:

Every man's as good as another - and some are a damn sight better.

Yorkshire saying.
T4td Corp.
We could just eat you up.

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