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Monday, 19 February 2007

Holding the Front Page

This week, it seems that there will be no Thoughts 4 the Day. When they do resume, they will be 25% more inspirational, so do come back. In the meantime, here is some free advice to help you have a pleasant week:

Monday - Go for a nice meal.
Tuesday - Call an old friend.
Wednesday - Make time for a loved one.
Thursday - Give a donation to charity.
Friday - Buy your partner some flowers.

For maximum benefit, we recommend that you do not translate these thoughts as follows:

Monday - Haggle over the bill.
Tuesday - Say, 'Where the hell have you been?'
Wednesday - Spend it in front of TV.
Thursday - Brag about it, even though you gave less than the price of a coffee.
Friday - Expect sex in return.

We hope that this will help but remember, free advice is worth exactly what it costs. And because it was free, you can't complain it if it didn't work for you.

We know that you will want to continue your support for T4td Corp. so we will take a nominal retaining fee from you account, possibly more than once.

T4td Corp.
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1 comment:

themindparty said...

Monday's translation of "haggle over the bill" is exactly what i thought