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Wednesday, 28 March 2007


The good we do today is our happiness tomorrow.

Hindu proverb

So do some good today - share the life-changing experience that is T4td.

Tell your family, tell your neighbours, your workmates, even tell those people you used to call friends before you started staying indoors and messing about on your computer all the time.

And tomorrow, happiness will be yours. Probably.

You see, it all depends what you define as doing good, doesn't it?

To us, doing good means...erm...nothing really. We like to feel good. We like to have a good life, make a good living, earn good money. But doing good isn't really in our corporate lexicon.

Of course there's charity and sponsorship, but let's face it - that's just PR and you know it and we know it.

Hmmm. This is a first. Our thought 4 the day has made us think. It really isn't meant to work like that.

We'll just check our company manual. There's a chapter on moral conundrums in the workplace.

Here we are - the entry for 'good'.

Good - See Greed.

That's cleared that up.

So today's thought should have been:

The greed we have today is our happiness tomorrow.

I feel better now. I think I'll go shopping. I need a new suit - I've had this one on all morning. Get me the limo and put the jet on standby - I'm going to Thailand for the afternoon.

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