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Monday, 5 March 2007

If you could...

As part of today's thought, T4td Corp would like to throw our readers a challenge.

It's this:

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

We do realise that this is wandering perilously close to Yahoo Answers territory - heaven forfend. So we don't necessarily need you to tell us the answer. In fact, we're not sure that we even care. What we suggest is that you order our new service...

T4td Corp. proudly presents...

Change One Thing (TM)

Unfulfilled? Yearning to change? Need to turn your life around?

But you can't be bothered?

Look no further. For an unspecified and yet interestingly large sum of money, our team of Change One Thing (TM) Operatives will do it for you. Our highly trained Change Enforcers, dressed subtly in black, will visit you at an unexpected moment, probably in the middle of the night. They'll shake you out of your comfort zone and half out of your wits. Then, when you've signed the 'consent form' (or look as if you might be about to sign it), the fun will begin.

An illustration:
Say you're overweight - we said say it.
A plate of doughnuts, a black hood, a few electric shocks, and a brief period of hanging in one of our special motivational positions and hey presto. By the time you get the hood off, figure out where you are and get your government to fly you home, you'll be cured.

So sign up today and Change One Thing (TM)

T4td Corp.
Waiting for you.

NB: You will be billed for: doughnuts, hood hire, electricity, flight tax.
Ransom video available at extra charge.

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