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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Uniquely Us

T4td Corp goes it alone.

Our blog is like no other.


But for today, we thought we'd scour the blogsphere and, just for once, try to fit in.

Here goes.

So, that Penelope Cruz, she's very attractive isn't she? Not very tall, but lovely in many other ways.

And all that trouble in Iraq - that's pretty awful isn't it? It's all about oil really of course. There never were any weapons of mass destruction. And did you see the video on youtube? No, not Saddam, that one with the fat person falling over. Yeah, it was hilarious wasn't it? I emailed it to everyone in the Northern hemisphere when I was meant to be checking the database at work. Got into trouble there. Shame really.

Crikey I'm bored. I wonder if I can get past the firewall and find any rude pictures. Or maybe I could go onto Yahoo answers and pretend to be a member of the opposite sex and ask a question about - er - erm - something rude.

That didn't take long. I don't know why I bothered. I could do some work, but I really hate my boss and I'm quite hungry and I seem to be having terrible trouble concentrating.

Maybe I'll just check a few funny websites out - see if I can find a joke to tell when I go out later. Loads of things are funny aren't they? Like road signs with the word 'butt' in them and menus that haven't been translated into English properly.

Anyway, that's enough of me ranting away. I'll try to insert a video of a horrendous car accident. Leave me comment if you like it.

Bye for now.


T4td Corp would like you to know that we didn't enjoy that at all.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Until then,

T4td Corp.
The only ones marching in step.


Political.Asylum said...

The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum reminds you that Barbaro died for your sins.

Edward Wolf said...

What about Anna? You didn't tell us how you feel about Anna. Are you un-American?

T4TD Corp. said...

Un-American? Yes. Though not anti-American. It is simply that we are British, although our Britishness prevents us from going on about it - unless we've consumed a glass of ale or two.

T4td Corp.
Reaching across the Atlantic.

Sorry - Anna who? Sorry.