Thought 4 the day

Monday, 19 March 2007


Into each life a little rain must fall.
So get a coat. Get over it.

Remember, one man's loss is another man's umbrella.

Was that two thoughts?

We think so. But wait a moment.

Before you start getting hot under the collar and screaming 'Buy one get one free!'

We're not like that. That sort of thing only causes endless waste and needless packaging.

We're strictly wysiwyg.
Or is it earwig? Or woogawooga?
Damn this dyslexia!

We don't need marketing gimmicks.
And anyway, with T4td Corp - every day is a special offer.

We're not like those supermarket giants.
Speaking of which - perhaps they deserve a post all of their own.

Until then,
watch out for that rain.

T4td Corp.
We're in your mind.

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