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Friday, 16 March 2007

Celebrity Friday

Today's celebrity is a best-selling poet.

Her name is Margaret and she has written many books of poetry that would be of special interest to lovers of campanology. She has had these books published at great personal expense and she is certainly the best at selling them.

In fact, she's the only person that will sell them.

All of her family buy copies of her books, and any callers to the house always leave with a copy - often against their will or without their knowledge. At weekends Margaret can be found wandering the streets and pestering the elderly. She doesn't sell them books, she just really hates old people.

Margaret was awarded a prize for her, in her view, most successful anthology entitled Summoned by the Balls. She has framed her prize certificate, mainly to obscure the smudge she made by taking it off the ink-jet too soon.

Here is her, poetical, thought:

I really love to ring the bells,
To hear their music often,
Some say I ring them much too loud,
They've caused my brain to soften.

A metaphor for life perhaps. Or possibly just the deranged ramblings of a halfwit.

At any rate, her psychotherapist has just had a new extension built on his house, so we suspect that the search for meaning in Margaret's work may go on for some time.

Meanwhile, have a splendid weekend and we'll see you next week for more Thoughts 4 the day.

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