Thought 4 the day

Thursday, 15 March 2007



We hope so. If not, then please apply for a full refund.

T4td Corp will then send one of our Thought Reclamation Operatives to repossess all of the thoughts you've received. Naturally, those thoughts are the property of T4td Corp and if you're not going to pay for them, you don't get to keep them.

The procedure is quick and you won't feel a thing - once your body has gone into shock. Just sign the Thought Release form, slip on a few restraints (for your own protection) and our operatives will have a probe up your nose before you can say - well, anything. A quick wiggle of the probe, a few volts here and there, and those thoughts will come flooding out.

Please remember, we also own all the words that go to make up those thoughts, so after the procedure, you may have trouble stringing a sentence together. And seeing in colour. And you might start tasting words. And maybe falling over a bit. But hey, remember the sixties? Well not after this you won't.

We'll leave you with today's thought (to be used in an art gallery):

They couldn't find the artist so they hung his picture.

Until tomorrow.
T4td Corp.
Getting closer to you.

1 comment:

Edward Wolf said...

I had a thought once. But I think it's too late for you to reclaim it. Where can I get some of whatever you're smoking?