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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Take a person

No, not that one. Put him back.

OK, imagine a person's body.

No. This isn't that kind of website.

Try to imagine your body.

Pretty unpleasant isn't it? What happened to that gym you joined in January?

I thought so.

Back to the point - because there is one.
Now imagine all the cells that make up your body, your physical presence.

Now, try to remain calm, as we tell you that 90% of those cells are, in fact micro-organisms.

Oh sorry - we didn't realise you were eating.

Though, now you know what you know, you'll realise that you don't eat to feed yourself, but to supply energy to the teeming, seething mass of microbes that use your body as the biological equivalent of a luxury motor home.

Enjoy your meal.
T4td Corp.
Reaching deep and bringing a lump to your throat.

And now - introducing T4td Lite Express (TM)
For those of you who are always busy, busy, busy
Don't miss out on those valuable moments of insight.
Same thoughts - less time needed to read them.

As an introductory offer, here is an almost free sample:
Hey - you're mainly germs.

Thank you.
T4td LE.

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