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Thursday, 8 March 2007

The Thinking Blog

T4td Corp is a great fan of thinking. There should be more of it. We'd even go so far as to say that everyone should think, almost daily. We understand that this would be almost impossible for politicians, P.E. Teachers and Police Chiefs, but they could at least try couldn't they?

For instance, did you notice that all those three jobs begin with the letter 'P'? If you did, then you may not have realised it, but you were actually thinking. Good wasn't it?

Now try this - perhaps the stigma of jobs beginning with the letter 'p' makes psychologists keep their 'p' silent - very crafty.

Or maybe, you're thinking that this is all just nonsense.

If you are, then maybe you should try The Thinking Blog. Thinking is what its' all about.
Fuel your brain. Feed those little synapses.

Thinking could become almost second nature to you. It could really catch on. Perhaps one day, they'll even teach it in our schools - wouldn't that be something?

So if you're thinking of thinking, don't - just do it.

For example:
What is your birthday colour? Find out here.

Or perhaps you'd like to promote your blog - then read this to find a new way.

You can even play thought-provoking games like this one.

So if you think you'd like to think thinking, think thinking blog.

And whilst you're here, why not try our new series: You'll Never get Out of it Alive?

T4td has lots to offer.
Freshly written everyday.
More satirical than a playing blind man's bluff with George W.
More entertaining than self-medicating with worming tablets.
More - just more.

Have a stroll and a scroll through our deliciously crumbly pages and let the warmth of our ideas melt slowly on your tongue.

We love to hear from you and we do respond personally.
Leave us comments or email us. Pop over to mybloglog and join our happy community.
Go on. indulge yourself.
You know you want to.

And we'll still respect you in the morning.

We look forward to seeing you.
We're behind you.


ilker said...

LOL! Nice try.. you almost got me with the 3 Ps but I was thinking, why just jobs with Ps? ;)

Another thought-provoking game you can find is The River Puzzle.


Jennifer said...

I was here. This is a good review.