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Thursday, 5 April 2007


Are you worried about your mid-life crisis?

Perhaps you're worried that you're about to have one.

Or perhaps you're worried because you had it so long ago, you've forgotten what it was like.

Maybe you're looking forward to it, and you're just worried that you might miss it.

This is where T4td can help.

We recommend that you have a crisis every year.

For a nominal fee (and a crippling surcharge) we can provide you with a mid-life crisis this year and every year. To remove the stressful element of surprise, the crisis will occur on the same day every year - just before your birthday. That way, you get to buy yourself extravagant birthday presents and everyone else will nod and smile and put up with it. Similarly, your birthday is an excellent opportunity to take up strange new hobbies and pursuits - particularly if they require specialised clothing and expensive equipment.

For an extra fee, we can provide the 'Extreme Crisis Package', for which you receive adverts from au pair agencies, sales literature from sports car manufacturers and cosmetic surgeons, and a selection of, quite frankly filthy text messages which appear to be from younger and extremely attractive co-workers.

Please note that T4td Corp. is very interested in equal opportunities, so we will gladly take the opportunity to make money from men and women alike.

So go ahead - make your mid-life crisis an occasion to remember.
Why wait?

Statutory warning - if you do not keep up repayments into this scheme, your crises will be reclaimed and your life will be reduced back to it's hum-drum nature, along with slippers, soap operas, unpleasant body odour and an insatiable craving for warm drinks and early nights.

Your crises are our passion.

1 comment:

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Yes, I would like the crisis car. I think it will make my hair seem "fuller". Of course, with this noted, a convertable is bad because hats are dumb.....unless you are golfing and trying to look like Tiger Woods. Did you see what he was wearing on Thurday at the Masters? OK, I don't want to look like him either. I just want the car. This works, no???

Your best pal, Speedcat Hollydale

P.s. Do not send a hat, as I have mentioned in comment #8 :-)

P.s.s. Do you keep extra gas around? I will need that too......