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Friday, 6 April 2007

Celebrity Friday

This week, we thought we'd continue our theme of 'meet the team'.

We proudly present...


Malcolm is our technical support erm, guy. Here is his thought:

Hey, guess what. I've just downloaded a free trial of a program that automatically downloads free trial versions of other programs. I've now got 200 gigs of stuff on the company's server - and that's just the zip files. I've got some stuff I've always wanted, and loads of stuff that I can't even remember what it's for. Dude - I've gotta get me some extra strength caffeine tablets because I'm gonna be here all night installing things and typing in passwords. Wow. I've just realised, I'd better be quick because all this stuff only works for 30 days. But hey, I can always do it all over again. What a rush.

Wait a minute. Some guy's hassling me about the contrast on his monitor. So, here's my thought for today:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it,
But if it is broke, just turn it off and on again.
Never fails.

BTW - don't mention to anyone about the downloading thing. I'm not really supposed to do that. I think it's some sort of dismissible offence. So keep it quiet - OK?

At this point, Malcolm was escorted to our staff training area for some therapeutic treatment involving some snakes, a pit-bull terrier and some dangling. He won't be dismissed though, since, despite his foibles, he really is a very good technical support guy.

Who dares, gets found out and punished.

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