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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Open Source

Here at T4td, some of us are having a little lie down. And a drink. And a couple of sedatives.

Yes, we know you're not meant to mix them, but we've had a bit of an upset.

We've had a rather distressing email from one our techie, erm, people - I suppose they are people aren't they? It's hard to tell. When they've been in the R&D department for a while, they all end up looking the same - pale skin, tangled facial hair, shifty eyes, haunted look, strange tattoos that look suspiciously like bar-codes.

Bless them. It's the darkness that does it to them. We jokingly refer to their little den as 'the hole', but they like it that way. Well, we think they do. We haven't really asked them. But then, once they've been there for a week or two, they do seem to lose the power of speech. They can tap away on the keyboard all day and all night, but meet them in the flesh and they, rather annoyingly, pretend they can't see you.

Anyway, this techie person has introduced us to something called 'open source'. Apparently, it's... it's... free. Yes, we thought it was a joke at first. But no. Some deranged people out there are going to all the time and expense and trouble and expense and... more expense of making products with the express intention of giving them away.

Why, for the love of profit would you want to go and do a thing like that?

And to make matters worse, it seems that this free stuff isn't the usual crap that gets given away as free gifts. Not only does it work, but it actually works better than the stuff people pay for.

It's un-capitalist, un-democratic, un-American, and un-derhand.

It must be stopped or society and civilisation will crumble around our ears.

Do not use these open source products. There are much better alternatives. They may not work properly, but they do allow you to show off your wealth and that's got to be worth paying for.

In summary, our thought 4 today is:

A little free advice is worth exactly what it costs.

See you for Celebrity Friday tomorrow.

You pay as we go.

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