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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Almost Topical Tuesday

May day in London, T4td observes, is no longer a day of riotous anti-somethingorother demonstrations.

Instead, according to the BBC, demonstrators have become so anti-everything, that they've actually become pro-humour.

A man stood in silence holding a blank placard.

Apparently, he hopes to repeat the exercise next year and call it art.

Perhaps he'll be awarded a grant.

At T4td we did toy with the idea of placing a blank post today, but then, you wouldn't have known what we we're doing and you'd probably assume that Blogger was playing up.

Instead, we'd like to stage our own protest.

Join with us now.

Say it loud:

Bring Back Protests!

Otherwise we might as well all go around just shrugging our shoulders and saying, 'Oh well, never mind, that's life,' about everything, and that is dangerously close to becoming French.

Stand firm readers. Accept no substitute.

United we stand, divided we sit down for a nice hot drink.

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