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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Increase Your Watercooler Power

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Today's IYWP word is Kismet.

It comes from a Turkish or Arabic word and literally means fate or destiny.

When spoken with gritted teeth and a throbbing vein at the temple (the one on your head, not the building) it translates better as:

Damn damn damn damn damn it was bound to happen anyway but damn damn damn it all the same.

Use this phrase to vent stress at work without getting fired, or in public places - preferably after just scratching your new car by reversing into a sturdy wall - to show your feelings without punching that man walking by with a smug grin on his stupid face.

So there you are - T4td better than being arrested.

Those of you who like historical trivia (please see our You'll Never get Out of it Alive series), might like to know that some people believe Lord Nelson, fatally wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar just as he was really starting to enjoy himself, never said, 'Kiss me Hardy,' but actually uttered, 'Kismet Hardy.'

Other authorities insist though, that Nelson went on to say, 'you look so damn sexy in those breeches.' Who knows? Perhaps 'Hardy' was only a nickname .

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