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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Almost Topical Tuesday

So the Irish are all friends now are they?

Republicans and loyalists shake hands, laugh at each others' jokes and pop round each others' houses for tea and a nice piece of fruit cake.

Perhaps, at this point, it's edifying to study the school playground.

Remember that horrible kid you went to school with? He wasn't the one who just came up and thumped you. No. He was so much more devious. He told you he was your best friend. He told you his secrets and learned yours. He came round your house and was polite to your mother.

And then, one day, just because he felt like it, he turned on you. He told everyone your secrets (and it turned out his had been fake). He told everyone embarrassing facts about your household. He suggested terrible things about your mother. And when he'd gained enough credibility with his jeering audience, he even made up a few more embarrassments for good measure.

Yeah, that kid. He was a real psycho wasn't he?

I wonder what he's doing now.

Have a nice day.

We're behind you.

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T4td accepts no responsibility for childhood flashbacks you experience as a result of reading this post. Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for any nightmares, thumb-sucking or bed-wetting you may fall victim to.

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