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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Increase Your Watercooler Power

caveat emptor A latin phrase meaning 'Let the buyer beware'.

For example, a second hand car salesman will happily sell you a creaking deathtrap, safe in the knowledge that you should have asked these specific questions:

  • When you assure me that the car has air-conditioning, does it chill the incoming air, or do you actually mean that one of the windows actually opens?
  • When you use the phrase 'custom edition', do you actually mean that this car has been made by welding several others together?
  • Is the stain in the boot (trunk) from a bottle of cola, or is it the result of this vehicle being used to carry a recently murdered member of the organised crime fraternity?
Happy shopping.

Doing it to them before they do it to us.

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