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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Avian Flu


A disease contracted by drinking too much French mineral water.

But seriously, T4td Corp would like to offer some useful medical advice.

Avian flu, or bird flu, has the following symptoms:

headache, high temperature, aches, respiratory difficulties and...

you'll feel a little peckish.

Oh dear. it's no good. I can't keep up the pretence. You see, the supervisor has gone off on a training course (How to Manage Difficult People by Secretly Destroying Their Lives) and you see, we all thought we'd lighten the mood a little. You know, put in a couple of gags.

I expect we'll get into trouble. But you see, we found a bottle of Liebfraumilch left over from the Christmas party, and were not really allowed to drink, but we just felt a little crazy. It was warm and a little cloudy but we couldn't help ourselves.

I suppose we'll fail the urine test now. But it was worth it. For one mad hour we felt free! Free!

Oh well. Back to the grindstone. We have to take turns to hang it around our necks. It's a motivational tool apparently.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. No gags. Just unadulterated 'Thoughts'.

T4td Corp.
Always here.

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