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Monday, 12 February 2007

Shopping Mall Philosophy

How many things are here I do not want.

Socrates - at a fair.

Do you recognise the feeling?

We certainly do. Shopping is, we are told, some sort of necessity. We need greetings cards, smoothie makers and ceramic hair straighteners, because our drinks just aren't smooth enough and our hair is not straight enough, so we are completely worthless.

Eventually, it seems the pendulum will swing and we will need a drink coagulator and some curling tongs. Unfortunately, the greetings card will go from strength to strength. There are, apparently, always new occasions for which we will need greetings cards.

As T4td Corp. is always at the cutting edge of commercial opportunities, we are developing cards for new and exciting occasions. For example:

'Sorry to hear you've been given a life sentence.'

'Thank you for looking after my pet, though I suspect you have let it die and replaced it with a similar one.'

'Thank you for being the best probation officer in the world.'

'Congratulations on finally finding a psychotherapist.'

'Welcome to D-Wing.'

'Happy Anniversary - one more year as my favourite social worker.'

'Happy February 15th - It's I Never Liked You Anyway Day.'

There will, no doubt, be others. But for now, farewell until tomorrow.

T4td Corp.
Breathing through the pain.

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