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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Default Democracy

The man who never made a mistake, probably never made anything.

The man who never made anything but mistakes, probably made it into high public office.

Its incredible isn't it? Where do we get them from?

There is a simple answer. When trouble hurtles towards us at eye-level, there is bound to be someone who is just too stupid to duck. He gets to wear the 'I'm in charge' badge for a while.

There is also bound to be people who were so smart, they spotted the trouble and so were the first to hit the deck. They get to crawl around the first guy's feet, picking up the things he's blundered into and generally telling him what to do and what to say. We don't often get to see these smart people, because they're just too damn clever.

And then there's the people who were worried that there might be trouble, so spent the whole time with their eyes shut. They represent 99% of the population.

The guy with the badge needs this 99% to keep their eyes shut.

The smart ones on the floor don't care what the 99% does, because whatever happens, everyone will blame the guy with the badge.

Eventually, as people open their eyes, they see the badge -wearer for the buffoon he is. At which point, trouble comes hurtling towards them at eye-level and the whole process begins again.

We give you: Democracy.

Invented by clever people,
carried out by buffoons.

Until tomorrow,
We are sincerely,

T4td Corp.
In your dreams.

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