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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Help Yourself

Self-help books - the great oxymoron of our time.

It seems to us that if you really need to buy a book and follow its instructions, then the one thing you are totally incapable of, is helping yourself. Which, no doubt, is why the people who buy these things, always have a shelf full at home. Apparently, they would rather shell out for more and more of these books than admit the awful truth to themselves - that they are hopeless fools.

And when they fear that others might be sneering at their fifty page a day axiom habit, they try to palm off their old copies on friends and family. They call this 'enrolling', which translates into, 'Hey I'm useless, but perhaps, if I can get you to be useless too, then maybe you'll turn out to more useless than me, and I'll be superior."

The whole thing is a shallow and manipulative racket,

so naturally, we have plans to bring you:

A4td - Axiom 4 the Day!

Simply sign one waiver, a disclaimer, a couple of indemnities and a credit card slip and you too could have the power of our staff 'Life Coaches' at your disposal. With wit and pith, nerve and verve, duck and dive, shake, rattle and roll, we will transform your life into a tower of gleaming loveliness.

Why help yourself, when we can do it for you?

In fact, we've already signed you up, so you need take no further action.

Just lay back on the couch, open a beer, order a pizza with extra walrus grease and you'll soon be at the zenith of human perfection.

Here's to a new you.

T4td Corp.
We think so you don't have to.

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