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Friday, 9 March 2007

Celebrity Friday

If we wanted to be all multi-sensory and 21st Century, wrap-around internet experience, this is the point where we'd say, 'Cue music.'

But we don't.

We don't go in for fancy graphics, slick style and smooth animations. To us, HTML is just 'hot metal' with the vowels taken out. A rollover is a trick to teach to dogs and office juniors. Ajax was a powdered cleaning product. Flash just reminds us of that nasty business at the office party, just before we had old man Wilkins taken away. And CSS just stands for Coffee with Semi-skimmed.

Content is what we do - as original as possible. Fresh from the fevered minds of our loyal workforce of over-qualified philosophers, straight to your shiny computer.

We're just not at home to Mr. Look-at-me-I'm-beautiful. For one thing, that would be the triumph of style over substance. And for another, it would be too damn expensive (for you we mean).

So, without further ado, and with all that in mind, here is our Celebrity of the Week.

His name is Theo and he is 58 - although he's not quite sure about his age since he lost some chunks of time. That happened partly when he experimented with psychotropic drugs in the sixties and partly when he was in the shopping mall last Thursday. Our Chief Executive met him when he attended Theo's healing centre. Theo runs regular, and extortionately expensive retreats for celebrities and executives who are 'tired'. What they're mainly tired of being is hopeless drug addicts.

Here is Theo's thought:

Apparently, Theo's retreats are silent.

Sorry about that.

Never mind. Perhaps, after that moment of reflective calmness, we're all a little bit wiser. We can safely say, that after visiting Theo, we were a lot poorer. Apparently, if you want to fast while you're there - he charges extra. You have to admire the man

Enjoy your weekend.
T4td Corp.
Keeping the glass half-full.


Han van der Heide said...

Wow, amazing! Can you get me in touch with Theo as I am considering opening a franchise of his healing centre in the Netherlands where we certainly have our share of 'tired' professionals.

Paul said...

After reflecting of Theo's thoughts, I feel better already.