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Monday, 12 March 2007


Ambrose Bierce defined religion like this:

Religion, n A goodly tree, in which all the foul birds of the air have made their nests.

Of course, he could well have been out of his tree when he wrote that.

At T4td Corp, we've been thinking very seriously about religion. It seems to us that religion is really a system of ideas; a construct, if you will, of interlacing concepts. And more importantly - and we think you'll agree that this really is the fundamental point - it sounds like a nice little earner.

Yes - you've guessed it. As part of our 'Winner Takes it All' campaign for global dominance in the Global Ideas Market Place (or GIMP as we like to call it), we're planning to start our very own religion. After all, religion is ideas and ideas are what we do.

The initial outlay is minimal, though later we'll be opening a set of franchise outlets, perhaps called Temple 4 the Day. Naturally, there will be regalia to wear and various texts to print, but we won't exactly be giving them away.

Then there will be the ceremonies to arrange, in which the new members will agree to give us 10% of their income. Naturally our flock will expect a reward for their devotion. And we promise there will be one. We'll make sure of that by issuing a loyalty card to each member. And there will even be vouchers. You can cash in your vouchers for untold riches and happiness, just as soon as you can prove that you're no longer alive.

We could use a little help though.

You see, we haven't decided what to call our new religion yet. Perhaps you have a suggestion. Please let us know by commenting. If we get a really good idea, we might consider giving a prize - perhaps we could offer a 'free' thought 4 the day.

So how about it?

Would you like to join?
We'll take that as a yes.

Until tomorrow.
T4td Corp.
Holier than thou.

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