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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Do you ever hanker?

We do. We hanker for the old days. Were you with us at the beginning?
Sure it was only three months ago, but what months they've been.

A lot of our readers though, are recent converts to the T4td Way (TM). Well we don't mind that. In fact we welcome them. We even provide an extra service for them, whereby we assume that they've been there all along, and charge them accordingly (plus interest of course).

But if you are one of our newer customers, please remember that T4td is always original, always different, and is composed fresh each day.

Other blogs often give you only variations along one of four lines:
1 - 'Hey guess what I did today'
2 - 'Hey, here's a video of a fat man'
3 - 'Look, this picture could be slightly amusing if you look at it in a certain way even though everyone knows it's just a snap of a cat taken from an odd camera angle'
4 - 'This is my blog about blogging and would you like to be on my list of as many links as possible?'

At T4td, it really is worth reading our older posts - we're proud of them all.

Perhaps you'd like to find out about our scale of charges? Then look here.
Or, perhaps you'd like to read our very first thought? It's only a click away.
And then there was our very first Celebrity Friday.

We've introduced you to some excellent services.
The Virtual Vitamins were very successful.
And our Make Me Mediocre went down very well with the middle classes.

And we've had some strange times.
Remember when one of our thinkers went a bit haywire? Relive it here.
And who can forget the unfortunate Liebfraumilch incident?

So have a click and take a trip through our past thoughts, which lie, like fine wines, slowly maturing in a cool, dark cellar (which incidentally, is what happens to our staff philosophers when they start to get a bit woolly around the edges).

Ah well. We must now wipe our misty eyes and give you a Thought 4 today. Here it is:

To err is human,
to forgive divine,
but our prerogative
is to dismiss without notice.

T4td Corp.
Getting our defence in first.

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