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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Almost Almost Topical Tuesday

It's hard to write this post today whilst surrounded by news of the senseless shooting of students in the US.

It seems all the harder to bear when we realise that we've seen such scenes before.

Just one thought, along with our sympathies for any US citizens reading this - you'll never get the guns off your streets until you get them out of your homes.

I know you have your Constitution, and many of its aims are laudable. It was also, like all laws, a product of its time. In the UK, we once had laws to the effect that whistling on a Sunday would result in the transportation of the guilty party to a harsh existence in the penal colonies of Australia.

The Constitution did not prevent slavery. It did not prevent years of racial prejudice. It has not prevented a number of dubious international interventions.

Whatever its good points, it contains an error.

No-one has a right to carry a murderous weapon. No-one. And that is a truth that citizens of the World should hold as self-evident.

Having said that, it is impossible to go on with any attempt at humour. Sorry if this disappoints any reader who was hoping for something to lighten their mood.

We will be back on track tomorrow.


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