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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Increase Your Watercooler Power

Ever read Per pro at the bottom of a letter or memo?

As I'm sure you know, you get this when someone has signed the letter on someone's behalf. But read on - this does get more interesting. And quite funny too.

It's an abbreviation of the Latin phrase per procurationem.

Keep going - that wasn't the funny bit.

Literally, it means 'by proxy', but in the world of modern business it has come to have several other subtle meanings:

1 - The boss is away - at last - and although I'm only his deputy, I'm going to have some fun throwing my weight around, settling old scores, empire building and generally making everyone else's lives a complete misery.

2 - I want to tell you something, but you're not important enough for me to bother signing this letter myself so I got my over-keen deputy to do it.

3 - This letter contains something contentious and it could spark a major row, so I'd like to distance myself from it, cover my back and let my dumb deputy take the fall if things go wrong.

4 - A particularly unpleasant combination of all of the above.

More Iywp next week.

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