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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Meet the New Group

T4td is proud to announce the opening of a new Google Group...

Biting Satire.

We would be interested to hear from any T4td readers who claim to have an active interest in satire and would like to be in our gang/come out to play/stay for tea.

Just contact us via email or a comment to this post and make sure you leave a link to your satirical site. We'll then visit your site, find your email address and invite you to join the group. Then we can all start uploading and sharing and the whole thing will evolve beautifully/come crashing down around our ears in an ugly e-mess.

People who claim to have a good sense of humour need not apply - just go back to your dating sites and mind your own business.

Today's humorous content follows:

Q. Friction - where would we be without it?
A. Somewhere else.

No strait jacket required.

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