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Thursday, 15 February 2007


It may appear to some of our customers that today's post was actually done tomorrow and then dated for today. Please be assured that this is something to do with time zones, jetlag (see this), global warming (see that) and black holes (see the other - this isn't a link because we haven't written about black holes yet). The apparent discrepancy in date is also due to company policy, which prevents us from ever recording the correct date on any document. This effectively prevents any legal action being taken against us, and puts a stop to any frivolous requests for holidays (we can always prove to our staff that they have used up their holiday entitlement).

Also, we never pay redundancy money, because people have always been sacked the day before they started work here.

It does lead to some interesting situations in the office though. For instance, half of our staff held a small Christmas party last week, whilst at the same time, the other half had an Easter egg hunt.

Whatever else, you can be certain that the Thought 4 the Day was not late, and it absolutely had nothing to do with a mystery illness caused by drinking something that turned out not be Liebfraumilch after all (see here).

Here it is:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step

which is frequently in the wrong direction.

Until later, we mean tomorrow.

T4td Corp.
Getting closer.

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